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Jiangsu Attractions

Liyuan Garden lies on the bank of Lihu Lake, hence the name. This garden is a natural site for tourists to know more about Chinese gardening culture in Wuxi Jiangsu.
Taihu Lake is located on the boundary of Jiangsu & Zhejiang Province, at the jounction of Suzhou, Wuxi & Changzhou. It is the 2nd largest freshwater lake of China
Jichang Garden is loated at the east foot of Huishan Mountain in Xihui Park area in Wuxi City, which is one of the classical gardens in eastern China
Huishan Ancient Town is located at the foot of Hushan Mountain in west of Wuxi, about 2.5km from downtown & can be reached by public bus
Tortoise Head Garden lies on a peninsula stretched on the north bank of Taihu Lake, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China. It is endowed by nature, with green hills and clear water, and becomes an ideal resort for holiday and relaxing.
Lingshan Grand Buddha is the spiritual point of Lingshan Grand Buddha Site, covers an area of 30 hectares. And it is one of the landmarks in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China.
Lingshan Buddhist Palace is located at the foot of Lingshan Mountain in Wuxi of Jiangsu Province, which is an exhibition center of Buddhist culture & art
Xue Family Garden in Wuxi is the former residence of Xue Fu Cheng, who was a famous diplomat & bourgeois in the late Qing Dynasty
Plum Blossom Garden or called Meiyuan Garden built in 1912 is located in southern slope of Hu Hill in western suburb of Wuxi in Jiangsu Province
Yixiang Qianshu Ancient Dragon Kiln (Yixing Gulong Kiln) is a special attraction in Wuxi Jiangsu. The shape of this kiln is like a Chinese dragon.
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