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Yangtze River Cruise

Yangtze Cruise Series

New Century Cruises

All 5-star modern fleet built after 2005, Century Cruises takes visitors cruising in luxury and comfort all the year round.

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Victoria Cruises

It is the ONLY American-managed cruise companies. All of the seven ships offer high quality service and stable schedules.

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President Cruises

There're 3 new ships in President Cruises, featured in advance facilities, family-friendly design at very reasonable price.

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Yangtze Gold Cruises

With seven cruises all built after 2011, it is the newest fleet sailing along Yangtze River, setting new standard of Inland river cruise.

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Changjiang Cruises

Changjiang Cruises (CCOTC), a domestic cruise companies, has two recommended ships at unbeatable low price.

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Yangtze Explorer

Yangtze Explorer is the super 5-star ship, carrying just 124 passengers with ONE-ON-ONE VIP personalized service.

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Yangtze Cruise FAQs

What are the differences between upstream and downstream?

Downstream cruises are usually shorter than upstream cruises. Downstream sailings are from Chongqing to Yichang or Shanghai are take 4 days and 3 nights, while upstream means the opposite direction and normally takes 5 days and 4 nights.

The shore excursion of the whole cruise is the same but at different time of the day at the same destination.

How to choose an upstream and downstream trip depend on your transport from the departure point, and which disembark port is easy access to your next destination.

Compare the Victoria, Century and President Cruises

They are all luxury cruise company and their vessels that are all rated five stars by the China National Tourism Administration (its highest rating). They has been operating over 15 years and up, ships have been ranked “A” class—the top class by the Yangtze navigation authority. They have been designed to withstand any type of weather conditions along the Yangtze.

Different Cruise Companies have their own features:
Victoria Cruise: The only cruise series operated and managed by American companies on Yangtze, high quality service stander, Victoria Jenna is now the best ship within seven vessels and the largest one.
New Century Cruise: The five-star cruise series built after 2003 on the Yangtze River, cooperate with Viking Cruise. The Century Legend and Century Paragon are their newest and best ship so far that equip with spacious staterooms.
President Cruises - cost effective fleet on Yangtze, President 7 and President 8 is their newest and best ship, recommended to families.

What is the general weather like during the cruising tour and how to dress on the ship?

The Yangtze River weather features strong windy and humidity. The average temperature reaches 30 C (86F) in July and 10 C (50 F) in January. Spring and autumn are therefore the best seasons for taking the river cruises. In summers, dramatic thunderstorms and torrential rains often happen and heavy rainfalls cause the high water level between July and September (Which is usually coincided with the Flood Season on the cruising itineraries). Winters are freezing.

No special formal dress is required on the ship. Be sure to take clothes that are suitable for the shore excursions or to enjoy scenery from the ship deck. Clothes to protect you from the hot sun in summer and strong wind in winter are essential.