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China Tours by ChinTopTrip are a great starting place to create your very own customized private China tour & vacation. If you want to explore the real China, and visit the destinations that interest you most, we'll support you one to one with a dedicated China trip expert, as you plan, book and travel! Book a tour with China Top Trip today!

Top 3 China Tours for First Time to Visit China

Recommended 1st Time China Tours, Trips or Vacations

Here are some popular and top rated China tours for a first time visit and trip to China. Visit the classic sights, but also work in personal touches and experiences that make your first trip to China even more memorable.

These recommended tours are all featured on the "Top 10 China Tours" list, and 80% of people who buy these top 3 China tours are first time travellers.

When to Go

A lot will depend on what sort of weather you want or can tolerate. Generally the comfortable seasons in major tourist destinations are fall (September and October) and spring (April and May). It is recommended to avoid major Chinese public holidays, unless you want to join in some celebrations.

Where to Start & Go?

Don't assume you're restricted to the main hubs of Beijing or Shanghai, our tours can start from any city. In fact, 90% of our tours are customized to our traveler's needs. So consider flying directly into Chengdu to see the Panda’s, and perhaps out of Beijing. That’s the beauty of planning with us, you’re not restricted to dates, routes or gateways like a overseas operator.

How Long to Stay?

Knowing what you expect to see or doin China will help determine how long you should stay. We recommend at least 8 days, for visiting the ‘Golden Triangle’ ­– Beijing, Xi’an and Shanghai. If you are interested in experiencing more of China, like taking care of giant pandas, admiring amazing landscapes or visiting minority areas, you will need more time, a 2 weeks China tour/vacant will allow you to step out of the classic routes to experience deeper.

How to Plan a China Trip?

We understand that travel is a big decision, and you will want some advice on planning a trip to China. So we introduce China to you methodically in How to Plan a China Trip/Tour, so that you can know all the steps in planning a China trip, from the best time to go, to other miscellaneous practical advice. Our professional trip advisers will always be happy to chat with you and help create your ideal China tour.

China Tours by Theme

We’ve prepared different China tour themes for you below. Let’s know what you’d expect to do in China.

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Panda Tours


Family Tours


Ancient Town Tours

China Tours by Destination

We have created more than 200 wonderful China tours in different cities of China from north to south, east to west.

So whether it's the ancient Great Wall and majestic Forbidden City in Beijing, the elegant water towns near Shanghai, the magnificent Avatar mountain in Zhangjiajie, or the cute pandas in Chengdu - we're there and we'll get you off the beaten track. Our China tours are all hand-picked, based on popularity ratings, booking data, tour guide services, etc.



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Returning China Tours & Discovery More

Inspiring Destinations for a Returning Trip to China

Popular Areas and Recommended Days For Returning Trips

  • Chengdu - Panda | 2-4 Days
  • Yellow Mountian | 3-4 Days
  • Guizhou - Minorities | 3-5 Days
  • Guilin/Yangshuo - Karst | 2-3 Days
  • Yunnan - Wonderlands | 6-8 Days
  • Zhangjiajie - Mountain | 4 Days
  • Tibet - Mysterious Lands| 6-8 Days
  • Silk Road - Ancientness | 10 Days
  • Hangzhou-Suzhou | 4-6 Days

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Popular China Day Trips and Activities

All private trips with private guides can be tailored according to your requirements. Look for more day trips and activities.