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Pingyao Attractions

Qiao Family Courtyard (originally named as Zai Zhong Tang in Chinese spelling) is sited in Qi County, Shanxi Province, China. Located only approximately 40km northeast of Pingyao Ancient Town and 54km southwest of Taiyuan, the compound is fortified behind a 10m high wall with battlements. It is not exaggerated that you will be go deeply into the once most...
Pingyao Ancient City is located in Pingyao County, central Shanxi Province, China. Since its listing as UNESCO World Heritage in 1997, Pingyao with its famous 600-year-old city wall a tourism product is selling well in China, thus becomes a hot destination of a never ending stream of busloads of tourist groups. The ancient city of Pingyao...
Ming Qing Street is situated in the center of Pingyao Old Town & named after the dynasties of Ming & Qing in ancient China. It is a lovely street worth visiting
Wang Family Courtyard is just 35km in southwest of Pingyao Ancient City, which was the private residence of Wang Lan with 1118 houses inside
Rishengchang Exchange Shop is located within Pingyao Ancient Town in Shanxi Province, which was China’s first draft bank in history & now an attraction in old town
Shuanglin Temple is located 7km out of the Pingyao ancient town. This Buddhist temple has over 2000 terracotta figurines dated back to Song and Yuan Dynasty
Chang Family’s Compound is located in Chewang Village in Dongyang Town in Shanxi Province, which can be visited from Pingyao Town
Zishou Temple also called Suxi Temple is located in Lingshi County in Shanxi Province & was built in Ming dynasty with an area of 3000 sq meters
Zhangbi Ancient Castle is located in the Zhangbi Village in Longfeng Town, Shanxi Province. It is one of the "Chinese top ten charming famous towns".
Mianshan also called Jieshan is located near Pingyao Ancient Town and Shuanglin Temple, which is a national AAAA level tourist site in Shanxi Province