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Hohhot Attractions

Xilamuren Grassland is one of the must-see attractions in Inner Mongolia, which is 90km from Hohhot in the north. Just read more travel tips here
Zhaojun Tomb, or called the Tomb of Wang Zhaojun, is said to be the resting place of the famous historic princess Wang Zhaojun whose husband was a Xiongnu Chanyu. It is a popular historic attraction in Hohhot.
Dazhao Temple is located in the northern of Hohhot & was built in 1580. It is the first Tibetan Lamaism temple in Hohhot of Inner Mongolia
General Government Office in Hohhot is one of the national cultural heritages in Hohhot in Inner Mongolia. It is an administration organization built during Ming Dynasty
Inner Mongolia Museum is located in the city center of Hohhot City. Built in May 1, 1957, it is the only provincial comprehensive museum in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Administrative Region.
Five Pagodas Temple is located in the city of Hohhot. This temple was built in Qing Dynasty. The total height of it is 16.5 meters. This is a must-see attraction in your Hohhot tours.
The pagoda which is penetrating the sky from the ground straightly is the world-famous one – Wanbu Huayanjing Pagoda. Because it is in white color, so it got the nickname White Pagoda.
Islamic Customs Street is in the south road of Huimin District in Hohhot City. The atmosphere here is rich Islamic environment because of Islamic cultural accumulation.
Xilingol Grassland literally means river on the highlands, is located in Xilinhot in center of Inner Mongolia covering an area of 10786 square kiometers
Hulun Buir Grassland is located west of Great Khingan Mountain, one of the best-preserved grassland in China and called the Kingdom of Grassland