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The Hulun Buir Grassland is located in the west of the
Great Khingan Mountain, name after Hulun Lake and Buir Lake. Topography of the grassland is that east side is high and west side is low, between 650 and 700 meters above sea level. Here is the best-preserved grassland in our countrywith abundant and prosperous grass, which is called “Grass Kingdom”. It is the birthplace of Genghis Khan, and here is also a famous tourist resort with a total area of one hundred and forty-nine million mu. Hulun in Mongolian means "otter"; Buir in Mongolian means “male otter”, because these two lakes in the past are rich in the otter. Such a piece of green, pure grassland without any pollution, producing meat, milk, leather, fur and other animal products are popular by consumers at home and abroad, even the grass also exported to Japan and other countries.


The Hulun Buir Grassland is the best-preserved grassland of China at the present time with abundant and prosperous grass. There are alkali grass, esparto, alfalfa, wheatgrass, etc, more than 120 kinds of nutritious forage grass, therefore it is called “grass kingdom”. The Hulun Buir Grassland is a no pollution green and pure land, the vast of Hulun Buir lnad, the lush, the dense are incomparable by many grassland. When you came to the beautiful, rich and magical Hulun Buir Grassland you can truly feel what is “blue sky and green land”, what is a “green and pure land”.

The Hulun Buir Grassland is one of China's existing good pasture, because there is almost no any pollution, so there is “the most pure grassland”. Every summer, the grassland charactizing a fine spring day, the air is fresh; bits and pieces yurt is rising cooking smoke. The breeze is blowing, and forage waves, for the dark green grassland, the clear lake water is the line from this poem “under the blue sky, on the vast land, with the wind blowing, appears the animals.” Under the blue sky and white clouds, vast grasslands and herds of cattle and sheep, running horse and with herdsmen waved the saddle; all of sceneries are under your eyes.



The Hulun Buir Grassland is one of the world's most famous three prairie, this vast area, boasts beautiful scenery, more than 3000 crisscrossed rivers, more than 500 lakes dotted around, constitute a beautiful picture scroll, extends to the Great Hingan Mountains.

31 ethnic minorities, each have its own characteristics of the local conditions and customs, precious historical relic’s sites, aftertaste endless local flavor, which adds color to the beautiful and rich of Hulun Buir.

The climate here is pleasant, is a good summer resorts; the scenery in autumn is very beautiful, especially in wetlands, birches and Great Hingan Mountains, colorful, like a continuous giant oil painting; northland scenery, is a land of winter Snow Mountains, where is a good place for the ice movement like skiing and hunting.



Aobao Sacrifice is one of the Mongolian grand sacrificial activities. Aobao usually is located in the mountains or hills, use stone to make into a cone solid tower, apex with a long pole, pole head with livestock’s fur and horn and scripture cloth, there are cushion stone all around for burning the cypress; beside the Aobao there are the branch sticking around, the whole sheep, koumiss, butter and cheese and so on.


How to Get to Hulun Buir Grassland

From the outer province to get to Hulun Buir, tourists can go to Hailar first, and then take the bus to the grassland. If you arrive in Hohhot you can directly take bus to grassland at the train station or bus station.

【Passenger car】 There are buses from Hulun Buir city railway stations and long-distance bus stations to grassland, about 1.5 hours to there.

Hailar also have buses to grassland with about 1 hour.

【The trains】

From Beijing to Hailar there are train K1301 and K275. Having arrived at the Hailar tourists can take the bus to the destination.

【The plane】

It have two direct flights from Beijing to Hailar

Hainan airlines HU7101 (7:35-9:40)

United airlines KN2909 (14:55-17:00)

Best Time to Go

Summer best travel time is in the middle of May to the middle of September; especially in July and August, because grassland landscape is better.

Hulun Buir temperature difference during day and night is large, so the summer tourism not only wears short-sleeved shirt, shorts or skirts, tourists should be appropriate to bring long sleeve clothes in order to add or take off the cloth according to temperature. After July mosquito is more, in the grasslands so tourist shall be appropriate to bring some Essential Balm (can buy it in the local stores), you'd better wear sneakers and don't wear sandals, in order to avoid mosquito bites.