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Dabei Buddhist Monastery built in Ming Dynasty is the largest and oldest buddist temple in Tianjin with an area of 10600 Sq meters.
Tianjin Drum Tower was built during Ming Dynasty which looks actually a bell tower rather than a drum tower. The street around is good for shopping
Located on Dongmennei Dajie, Nankai District, Tianjin Confucian Temple is the largest extant traditional architectural complex in the city. It is also one of oldest buildings in Tianjin, as well as quintessential classical of China.
Tianjin Antique Market is said to be the biggest antiques distributing market in China. This market is filled with all kinds of shops selling porcelain items, silver, paintings, jade, gold, copper, etc.
Located in Haihe East Road, Hebei District, Tianjin, Haihe Cultural Square is a key project in the comprehensive renovation of resorts along the Haihe River in this city. It got this name for the adjoining Ancient Culture Street
Tianjin People Park is a small park in central Tianjin City, a good place for families and children go for resting & recreation during weekends
Tianjin Opera Museum located in Nankai District is one of the most completed & largest Qing-dynasty style guild building in China
Xikai Church in Tianjin really stands out as architectural masterpiece. The cathedral is a 45-meter-high Roman-style building and is the largest church in Tianjin.
Quangyechang Building located in the central business area of Heping District, Tianjin. built in 1928, it is one of the first oldest comprehensive shopping malls in China
As one of the top attractions in Tianjin, the Aircraft Carrier Theme Park is a good place for exploration during your visit in Tianjin
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