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Tujia Ethnic Folk Garden Zhangjiajie( also known as Tujia Folk Custom Park) is located the central area of Zhangjaijie city in Hunan Province, China. Find Tujia Ethnic Folk Garden travel guide, pictures, how to get tips here.
Honored as No.1 Rafting Under Heaven, Mengdonghe River is only 80km away to the southeast of Zhangjiajie city. Here finds travel guide introduction, best time to visit and how to get tips for Mengdonghe River Rafting.
Furong Ancient Town (or Hibiscus Ancient Town) is Yongshun County in western Hunan Province. Please find attraction introduction, travel guide and how to get tips of Furong Ancient Town here.
Dehang Miao Village is located 24 kilometers away in the western suburb of Jishou city in west of Hunan. Here
The Red Stone Forest National Geological Park is located in Gzhang County in Xiangxi of Hunan Province, facing the Furong Town along Youshui River
Introduction to the 1176 meters long Aizhai Suspension Bridge near Jishou in Hunan with facts, location, height & length, construction info with pictures
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