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China Travel Tips

Just because Chinese food may not be your cuisine of choice does not mean that you cant eat well during your holiday or work trip.
If you are planning a trip to China, read the helpful information we have listed below that will enable you to make adequate preparations before your trip.
Do not forget China when you are planning where to take a family trip with your children. Located in East Asia, China is a vast country with the splendid culture and a rich history.
It is easy to avoid these dates if you know when they are, so we have listed the dates you should avoid here for you to visit China.
The language barrier is definitely a challenge when you travel in China. Here, we have detailed many useful Chinese words for travel that you can use them directly.
For those looking to travel to China for business or pleasure, without a larger travel or tourist group, it is best to be thoroughly prepared for your trip in order to make it as smooth as possible.
To escape from rainy days when traveling, spring is a pleasant season with mild weather and vibrant sceneries. In China, you are spoilt for travel choice in spring.
Depending on what you have prepared for your trip, traveling in China with your kids is a surprisingly easy thing to do.
Compared with a private tour, mini group tour is a more worthwhile choice. What are the main differences between them and which one suits you best?
China offeres plenty of destinations that are suitable for couples. The fllowing 10 romantic places are well-selected for couples to travel in China.
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