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China Travel Tips

Bargaining with sellers is a necessary shopping skill in China. It not only helps you save money but is also a fun game that tests your intelligence and judgment.
Where to travel in Winter of China? The best China winter places you should put on list.
Chinese government has issued several orders allowing for transit without a visa for various durations in various provinces and cities, depending on the country of nationality of the traveler.
Currently, there are about 25,000 kilometers of high-speed railway lines in service in China, which account for about two-thirds of railway lines in the world.
Many travelers have joined cheap tours in China. However, most of these cheap tours earned a notorious reputation due to the scams encountered. 
How to accessing the Internet in China? The listed tricks will help you bypass the many restrictions and surf Chinas internet.
This article helps those travelers who are visiting China for the very first time and does not know much about their electricity supply, power plugs, and sockets.
Autumn is possibly the better season to visit China whic has milder weather, colorful landscapes, and any kind of outdoor activity.
As the third biggest country in the world, you are spoilt with colorful choices of things to do in China, there are some fun activities in China you cant miss.
It is your call whether you prefer a shopping or no-shopping tour. Keep in mind a famous phrase in China: "The higher the price, the better the quality of the merchandise".
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