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Small Group Tour or Private Tour in China

Taking your pick from various tours is a little confusing for many travelers. There are two types of tours you often see mentioned — a big group tour or a private tour.  However, do you know about mini group tours? Compared with a private tour, it’s a more worthwhile choice. What are the main differences between them and which one suits you best? Read on to find out the answers.

The Differences Between the Tours

Your specific requests and preferences will determine whether you want to join a mini group tour or a private tour.

Group Size
  • Trippest mini group tour: no more than six people
  • Private tour: depends on your own tour members

The size of a mini group tour is between the size of cheap tours and private tours. Six people in a tour group is perfect as your tour guide can look after every member well. All the decisions made are in accordance with your requests, and the group size of a private tour is up to you.

  • Trippest mini group tour: good value — the price is between that of cheap tours and private tours (about 120 USD per day)
  • Private tour: Depending on where you want to go, the cost of a private tour is about two or three times more expensive than a Trippest mini group tour.
Visiting Route
  • Trippest mini group tour: This type of tour is well-planned by our product manager. We have selected popular destinations and all the highlights of a city are included so you won’t miss the most famous and authentic aspects of that city.
  • Private tour: This tour depends on your preferences. You can decide when you want to start, where you want to go, and what time to end your tour.
  • Trippest mini group tour: You have time to take photographs and can decide what you prefer to eat for lunch, but you can’t change your visiting route.
  • Private tour: All of the arrangements are up to you.
Which Tour Suits You?
  1. Solo travelers: With a Trippest mini group tour, you can join a one-day local tour to explore some places that are a long way from the downtown area. A private tour is more suitable for a long-term trip.
  2. Senior travelers: Private tours or mini group tours without too many challenges are both good options. Senior travelers should pick the tour according to their physical condition.
  3. Good value: A Trippest mini group tour is good if you want to join a tour that’s good value for money but don’t want to design all the details.
  4. Family with kids: Depending on where you want to go and how many days you want to stay for, a mini group tour is convenient and a private tour takes all your preferences into consideration.
  5. The reason you want to travel: Are you traveling on business or to see your relatives or friends? A mini group tour is a good fit if you only have limited time to visit somewhere. If you want to explore somewhere fully, a private tour is the best option to ensure you enjoy your trip.