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Best China Spring Places You Should Put on List

To escape from rainy days when traveling, spring is a pleasant season with mild weather and vibrant sceneries. In China, you’re spoilt for travel choice in spring. Whether you want to climb the Great Wall in North China, hike the small pathways alongside the Li River, take a selfie amid the yellow blooms in Wuyuan, or explore the famous West Lake in Hangzhou, China’s diverse landscape is second to none.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Spring

Don’t waste the warm weather in spring; just go outside to take part in outdoor activities and enjoy some sightseeing. You will find that you can spend a great deal of time outdoors and still feel comfortable.

Hike Alongside the Picturesque Li River in Yangshuo

Hiking alongside the Li River is one of the top choices of things to do in spring. The Li River is the most representative landmark of Yangshuo while Yangshuo’s landscape is regarded as being the best in China.

You can see numerous colorful flowers, pinnacles, and fields surrounding the Li River. Hiking and exploring the natural scenery there, such as the fairy-tale karst pinnacles, on a clear day is an exciting experience. At night, you can’t miss the local live show called Impression Liu Sanjie.

Wander Around the Classical Gardens and Towns in Suzhou

There is a famous line of poetry written by Li Bai, “Visit Yangzhou in the misty month of flowers”. That means spring is the best time to explore Suzhou, while the flowers are blooming and the willows are green.

A string of ancient gardens and water towns in Suzhou are the star attractions, such as the Humble Administrator’s Garden and Lingering Garden. Different from the atmospheric architectural structures in North China, buildings in the south are smaller but more exquisite. Don’t forget to take a boat to explore ‘Oriental Venice’, such as Tongli Water Town, to experience the most authentic and peaceful lifestyle there.

Stroll Alongside the Elegant West Lake in Hangzhou

Hangzhou is well-known for its highly praised scenery, historic atmosphere, and cultural breath. You can enjoy the scenery of green willows and pink flowers when you stroll alongside West Lake in spring. Rent a bicycle and ride around the West Lake area — you will be impressed and understand why it is regarded as “paradise on earth”.

Enjoy some juicy and seasoned Xiaolongbao (steamed dumplings) if you are tired and hungry. Follow your heart and you’ll discover various interesting facts about this city.

Take a Selfie in Attractive Surroundings at Wuyuan

Wuyuan is an incredibly attractive place to see when it is decorated with yellowish flowers in spring. During this time, you’ll want to get close to the fields, flowers, and blossoming trees in Wuyuan — you will be pleasantly surprised to see such a massive scale of flowers covering the fields and mountains.

The only thing you’ll want to do is to take out your camera and capture this impressive scene as you take a selfie in a real-life picturesque version of what could be a traditional Chinese painting.

Explore God’s Mirror at the Longji Rice Terraces

There are two things you can’t miss in Guilin: one is to visit the Li River and the other is to hike up the Longji Rice Terraces. During spring, all the terraced fields are filled with water and they resemble a huge mirror reflecting the blue sky, white clouds, and green trees. Hike up to the top of the terraces and enjoy the aerial view — you will be touched by this magnificent agricultural sight.

Spring is warm and humid in South China while it is dry and a little cold in North China. South China is a more popular travel destination in spring because of the fine weather and beautiful views. Get packing and enjoy what springtime has to offer in your favorite destination in China.