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kaili Attractions

Zhaoxing (Chinese name: 肇兴) is famous for its Dong Villages which is the largest in China. Each village here has at least one drum tower, a wooden structure built without nails and can erect as tall as 30 meters. As the focal point of the whole town, it is the place villagers holding the special events and...
Xijiang Miao Village (Chinese name: 西江千户苗寨), also named ‘China’s Miao stockade village of one thousand households’, is supposed to be the largest Miao Village in China. A continuous row of houses spreads in line of the hilly area. These houses are unique and grand under sunshine and verdant trees. Researchers believe the village is the ‘living fossil’...
angde Miao village, which is said to have two parts: Langde Shang Village and Langde Xia Village(upper and low in English), is known as the Miao's Ethnic Village Museum with different Miao's style houses.
Basha Miao Village, the residential area of ethnic miao people is 7 kilometers from Conjiang Couty around Guiyang in Guizhou Province
Qingman Short-skirt Miao Village is one of the most typical short-skirt Miao villages near Kaili.
Long-skirt Miao is a branch of the Miao minority in China. And in Guizhou Province, there is a small vallige called Jidao Long-skirt Miao Vallige which is 25 km away from Kaili City.
Zhenyuan Ancient Town greets you with more than 160 scenic spots including caves, palaces, pavilions, temples and rivers with their unique architecture, exquisite engravings and marvelous natural landscape.
Maolan National Nature Reserve is a kast landscape forests located southeast of Libo in Guizhou Province, which occupies an area of 2110 hectares