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Zhaoxing (Chinese name: 肇兴) is famous for its Dong Villages which is the largest in China. Each village here has at least one drum tower, a wooden structure built without nails and can erect as tall as 30 meters.

As the focal point of the whole town, it is the place villagers holding the special events and ceremonies such as the wedding and public meeting. Dong people have a long history as long as the Qing Dynasty. Because there is no written language, the song becomes a very important part in their daily life.

Zhaoxing also named Zhaodong, situated 72 km southeast of Liping County in Guizhou province. From its southeast can go to Guangxi Guilin, Liuzhou via Sanjiang; from northeast can go to Hunan Tongdao, Jingzhou, Huaihua via Hongzhou; from northwest can go to GuiyangChongqing via Kaili. Zhaoxing is one of the country's largest Dong Villages, is the core region of Zhaoxing Dong culture scenic area. The entire scenic area including Zhaoxing Dong Village, Jitang Dong Village, Yilun Dong Village, Tang’an Dong Village, Xiage Upper Dong Village, Xiage Lower Dong Village, Shangdiping Dong Village and Sasui Mountain of 7 Dong Villages and one mountain in all.

Travel Tips

1. One of the main streets of Zhaoxing Village is from the east to west, schools, the township government and dwellings are built on both sides in grey tile wooden buildings. Five drum towers are in Ren (benevolence), Yi (righteousness), Li (manner), Zhi (wisdom), Xin (faith) five natural villages. And the Zhi village drum tower is the most beautiful.
2. There's a bar Haixiang in Zhaoxing, the bus stops at the door of the bar, the boss are very good. Tourists can sit by the window listening to purl, staring blankly.
3. There are a lot of things to buy in the shop in the middle of postal hostel and township hostel, and the stocks are quite a lot so you can choose slowly. There are also many locals nearby selling beautiful handicrafts made by them, price is not expensive, but also can be bargained.
4. In the hilltop of mountain that Zhaoxing Middle school located in can see the panorama of Zhaoxing.

Transport Tips

1. There is no direct bus to Zhaoxing. In Congjiang take bus to Luoxiang, then take agricultural vehicle from Luoxiang to Zhaoxing which costs 2 Yuan. Or take a motorcycle for 6 Yuan.
2. People from the Guangxi Liuzhou and Guilin, can take the bus to Liping and get off at the Zhaoxing.
3. In Liping south bus station there is minibus to Zhaoxing, or takes the bus to Diping, Sanjiang, and get off at the Zhaoxing.
4. It takes three hours from Zhaoxing to Liping, 15 yuan, and the earliest bus departs at 6:30.