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Urumqi Attractions

Tianchi literally means ' Heaven Lake ' or ' Heavenly Lake ' (in Mandarin Chinese) and can refer to several lakes in China and Taiwan.)
Southern Pasture stretches over a vast natural area with fascinating scenery. The elevation around the Southern Pasture is about 1, 600 meters on average.
Red Hill is a symbol of Urumqi, owing to its uniqueness. The body of the mountain has a reddish brown color, which gave it the name Red Hill.
Xinjiang Regional Museum is located in Xibei Rd in Saybagh District in Urumqi of Xinjiang, a large integrated museum with study on cultural relics in Xinjiang
Erdaoqiao International Grand Bazaar is the most famous market, which is located in center of Urumqi & began its service since the late Qing Dynasty
Ili Grassland in Xinjiang is one of the six most beautiful grasslands in China, which is located in Xinyuan Countym Ili of Xinjiang Autonomous Region
Chhogoria Peak or K2 with a height of 8611m above sea leavel is the main peak of Karakoram Range & the second highest mountain in the world
Picea Schrenkiana is a peculiar spruce species native to the Tianshan immense forest, which is vigorous and forceful, four seasons are evergreen, climbing slope to grow with endless miles.
Poplar Forest Park is located in the core position of the Tarim Poplar Protect Reserve, across the border between Luntai and Weili county of the middle reaches of the Tarim River.
Bayanbulak Wetland located in the northwest of Hejing, south of Tianshan Mountain, formed by two high mountains basin of the big Zhuletusi and small Zhuletusi and mountain hilly pasture.