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Hainan Attractions

Luhuitou Park provides you a picturesque view of Sanya. It is located about in the Luhuitou Peninsula, 5 kilometers south of Sanya downtown. The Luhuitou Peninsula, where you can enjoy seeing all kinds of tropical fish and corals, is at the foot of the Luhuitou Mountain. The top of Luhuitou Mountain is the perfect site...
The End of the Earth (‘Tian Ya Hai Jiao’) means “the end of the sky and the corner of the sea” in Chinese. The reason this name was given is that this place was the farthest place ancient Chinese people could reach, so it was considered as the end of the sky and the corner...
Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden, which is located in Wanning City of Hainan Island, China, can be a good place to get touch with this exotic experience.
Located in the Yabin village, Xiuying district of Haikou city, Hairui Tomb is the key national cultural protection unit, as well as one of the "Eight Sceneries" of Haikou.
Five Official Temple (Wugong Temple) is an attractive and intriguing Ming Dynasty construction dedicated to five officials who were banished to Hainan during the Tang Dynasty for criticism of the government in their work.
Qiongtai Academy is located on Wenzhuang Road in Qiongshan City, and it is established in commemoration of Qiu Jin, a brilliant scholar in Hainan during Ming Dynasty
Five Fingers Mountain or Wuzhi Shan in a nature reserve is the highest mountain in Hainan Island with 1840m above the sea level, also the symbol of city
Volcanic Crater Park is a rare urban volcanoes in the world with so various types, so beautiful shapes, so valuable and rare mineral springs and so intact volcanic ecology.
Dongjiao Coconut Plantation is about twenty-minute's ferry from Qinglan Habour. There are about 500,000 various kinds of coconut trees planted at here.
Dongzhaigang Mangrove Nature Reserve in northeastern area of Dongzhai Port of Qiongshan City is the first also the largest mangrove reserve in China
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