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Foshan Attractions

The Ancestral Temple also called Zumiao Temple is a famous Taoist Temple in Foshan of Guangdong, which was built in Northern Song Dynasty of China
Wong Fei Hung or called Huang Fei Hong is a great Chinese martial art master in 20th Century who was born in Foshan of Guangdong Province.
The IP Man Museum in Foshan in Guangdong Province is in memorial of Yip Man, the Kungfu Master who invented Wing Chun martial art
The Bruce Lee Ancestral House located in Jun’an Town is another site for Bruce Lee fans to visit. Built by his grandfather, Lee lived in the house for only a short time.
Liang’s Garden is a typical model of South China’s Qing Dynasty style garden & regarded as one o the four most famous gardens in Guangdong Province
Ancient Nanfeng Kiln or South Wind Kiln is a tourist attraction in Shiwan Town in Foshan City, which was built in 1506 in Ming Dynasty
Xiqiao Mountain is about 68 km south of Guangzhou & an hour drive away. You can also take bus from Fangcun Bus Station in Guangzhou to Xiqiao Shan
Foshan Qinghui Garden, built in the last period of Ming Dynasty has become a typical traditional South China Garden with Lingnan style of construction.
Shanshui Lotus World Park in Foshan Guangdong China is a lotus theme park where you can enjoy viewing and traveling.
The world’s biggest status of Bruce Lee is located in Jun’an Town’s Bruce Lee Paradise of Foshan in Guangdong Province, which is also Bruce’s hometown