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Liang’s Garden is a typical model of the gardens in South China of the Qing Dynasty, also well-known as one of the four most famous gardens of
Guangdong Province. Located in Songfeng Road of Chancheng District, it was built during Jiaoqing and Daoguang Regions (1796 - 1850) of Qing Dynasty, consisting of residence, ancestral hall and gardens.

Liang Yuan in the History

In 1982,
Foshan municipal Party Committee and government initiated the salvage and restoration of the existing Qunxing Thatched Halls, with a view of its historical and artistic value as well as enjoyment. In 1990, the Park was listed as the provincial key protection unit of historical and cultural relics. Then, in 1994, with the aim to restore the Park with its total area of 21260 sq.m, a large-scale comprehensive restoring project was triggered, which adhered to the principle of "restoring the age-old as the age-old" for the purpose of retuning the Park's essence.

Features of Liang Garden

Liang Garden features delicate configuration, complex buildings of residences, ancestral halls and diversified parks of Lingnan style, presenting an elegant pattern. However, the park's composition, rather than sticking to one pattern, pursues kinds of elegant, inartificial and picturesque park charm. In addition, the Park is characterized by a complete style of local architectures.