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Located in Sanshui District, Foshan, Guangdong, China, Shanshui Lotus World Park is the largest lotus theme park in the world so far with most abundant lotus breed resource and the most advanced cultivate technology, where you can enjoy viewing and learning lotus flowers. More than 600 well-known flower manufacturers at home and abroad and in excess of 2 billion China yuan were introduced into the park as the whole project completed, which will be another large-scale agricultural park integrating with flower production, marketing, research, information and tourism in Shunde besides the Flower World of Chencun.

The park is involved in flower trading center, landscape garden, stone garden, bonsai garden, palm garden, ornamental fish breeding park and other sections. Thereinto, the International flower trading center covers a total area of over 600,000 square meters, including more than 300,000 square meters of the first phrase, with 3,000 stores there. There are 500 kinds of rare varieties of lotus, including the "space lotus”, "ancient lotus”, "King Lotus” (terminologically, called Victoria), etc., and other rare varieties.

What to See in Lotus Park

This park is a theme park collecting tourism, entertainment, vocation, production and research and lotus culture exhibition on an organic whole. The Lotus World being divided into 8 areas: Ecological Sculpture Square, appreciating area (Cloudy Lotus Aroma), central area, Royal Waterlily and Water lily Area, Solid Ecological Park, Delicacies Village and Seed lotus Area. There also is wonderful performs, holiday village with countryside style, lotus kickshaws, so you would enjoy the charm of the Chinese lotus culture to the top of your bent. The following spots in this place are highly recommended to travelers to explore.

【Pedestrian Street】

The design of this pedestrian street is in a modern idea. Allied in an umbrella shape, this street is more like a yard rather than a street. When viewing afar, it is like a lotus leaf.

【Guesthouse on the Ship (Shan Fang Chuan She)】

The guesthouse is in a typical Lingnan style. This site is colored in a bright tone. the design mixes the natural color so that this architecture shows a graceful atmosphere.

【Lotus Culture Exhibition】

This exhibition is built according to the model of Sydney Opera House. It aims to show different postures of the lotus. In this exhibition, people can get touch with the traditional Chinese culture via pictures and articles.

【Lotus Viewing Pavilion】

From the name, we can know that this is a pavilion to appreciating lotus. With a 500-meter-long passage, visitors may enter into a lotus world.

There is bike rental service at the entrance of the park, but it is not recommended to rent one, because it is not convenient to reach some pavilions or corridors. As the park is not too large, walking is the best way to visit around. After viewing the terrific lotus, you may visit to the Lotus Food Village to enjoy a big lotus feast. All the dishes are cooked with fresh lotuses, leaves, seeds and roots.


Travel Guide

【Chinese name】: 山水莲花世界

【Best time to visit】: June to August, when is the flower season of lotus flowers.

【How to get to Sanshui Lotus Theme Park in Foshan】: You may take 佛山蓝鲸巴士3号线 to get there directly, or take Bus Route 631 to Lotus World Park Stop(荷花世界总站下), then walk there.