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Ancient Nanfeng Kiln (South Wind Kiln) is located in Gaomiao Street of Shiwan Town, Changcheng District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China. It is a cultural tourist attraction subordinate to handicraft. It was built in 1506 in Ming Dynasty and its wood-fire has been lasted for 500 years, keep bumming and producing ceramics in its original way all along until today. It is the most long-live and best preserved ancient dragon kiln in China and even in the world, and is known as a “living relic and unmovable national treasure” and “Living fossil of pottery and porcelain”. It is National 4A Tours Zone and ceramic culture holy land of the world.

In the old days, the local people called Shiwan’s kilns as firing ceramics stoves. There are many kinds of kilns, but the most famous ones are dragon kilns, since their shapes look like the huge flying dragon. Ancient Nanfeng Kiln's mouth faces southwards, while banyan trees are clustered at the back of the Furnace, and cold wind will do occur in the summer, therefore, it's called "Nanfeng Kiln (South Wind Kiln)". 

History of Nanfeng Kiln

According to historical documents, Foshan City became a ceramics base during the Tang (618-907) and Song Dynasties (960-1279). In the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing Dynasties (1644-1911), the ceramics were highly developed and the pottery of Shiwan Town won a national fame. The 'Dragon Kiln' played a dominant role among the kilns of Shiwan Town. Such a kiln is always built against a hill and winds its way along the slope, resembling a gigantic dragon. Now the Nanfeng Kiln is the most ancient one of the three existing Dragon Kilns.

Its wood-fire has been lasted for over 500 years, being the oldest dragon kilns in the world.


What to Do in Nanfeng Kiln

Developing as a top attraction in Foshan, Ancient Nanfeng Kiln site will help travelers to get deep touch with Shiwan pottery culture. The scenic area is mainly composed by Nanfeng Kiln, Pottery Park, Peacock Garden three parts. The dragon kiln is the most highlight site to visit. You shouldn’t miss it.

During the sightseeing tour, visitors can experience pottery making course. Tourists to the kiln can make pottery by themselves with the assistance of professional workers. You can choose desired types and design distinctive patterns, making it a unique household decoration. If you want to buy some souvenirs, the pottery of Shiwan Town should not be missed. There is a Ceramic Art Museum nearby, you may visit there to get to know more about the ceramic. If you visit there in China’s public holiday, you may have a chance to see live Ceramic art performance in the scenic spot.


How to get to Nanfeng Kiln in Foshan

You may take Bus Route No. 109, 119, 120, 137, 154 in Foshan, and get off at Nanfeng Kiln Station (南风古灶站).