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Anhui Attractions

Hongcun Village is an ancient village with a history of 400 to 500 years. The original residential style and features of the Ming and Qing Dynasties were preserved perfectly there. It was inscribed into the list of the World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000. Hongcun Village has a cattle-like plan, a stream passes by every...
Mount Huangshan (Yellow Mountain or Mt. Huangshan) is one of the top ten must-see scenic spots of China. It’s located in Huangshan City, Anhui province, characterized by the four wonders, namely, odd-shaped pines, grotesque rock formation, seas of clouds and crystal-clear hot springs. Yellow Mountain is celebrated for having all the features of mountain scenery. Known...
Xidi Village is known for its unique and elegant wooden houses: prettified walls preventing rain infiltration, black tiles recording the history of the town, decorative gate towers standing for the particular flavor of the architecture.
Enjoy taking a walk on Tunxi’s famous old street that is lined with well-preserved Ming Dynasty style buildings before making a trip to Mount Huangshan
Jiuhuashan or Jiuhua Mountain or Nine Lotus Mountain is a sacred mountain of Buddhism in Qingyang County, Chizhou, in Anhui Provicne
Xin'an River flows the territory of Xiuningn town inside Huangshan City. Along this River, there is beautiful scenery for travelers to explore, especially in spring and autumn.
Mukeng Zhuhai Bamboo Forest is 1.5km southeast in Tachuan, 4 km away from Hongcun Village, 15 km away from the north of Yi County in Huangshan City
Nanping Village is sited in Yixian County in Huangshan, Anhui in China. Here introduces Nanping Ancient Village travel guide and tour tips. There are find pictures of Nanping Village.
Chengkan Village is located 31 kilometer away the north of Tunxi District (Huangshan downtown). Here offers Chengkan Village introduction, tour guide, how to get tips and beautiful pictures.
Tangmo Village is 25 km from Tunxi of Huangshan, within a day trip reach. It is the home to ancient Huizhou culture with scenic buildings