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Xin'an River flows the territory of Xiuningn town inside Huangshan City. It extends eastwards to the west of Zhejiang Province. It joins Lanjiang River in Jiande via Chunan, and then flows into Qiantang River, being the source of Qiantang River. This river has a length of 373 km, and the drainage area covers more than 11,000 square kilometers. The source of Xin'an River is Fengcun River, Dayuan River and Shuaishui River that located in Huaiyu Moutain in Xiuning Town, Anhui Province. And then it flows eastwards though Chun’an Town, Jiande City, Tonglu City, Fuyang City, and then inflow into Qiantang River.

This river has an important significance for the local economy, for it is a vital waterway for the local people. They Ship out timber and local agricultural products and transfers in salt and manufactured goods. Along the river, Tunxi Town, Yuliang Town Shendu Town used to have bustling river ports in old days.

What to See along Xin'an River

Thousand-Island Lake Scenic Area
Thousand-Island Lake Scenic Area is also called Xinanjiang River Reservoir. It is located in Chunan County, Zhejiang Province. This reservoir was built in the 1950s. The dam of this reservoir is 105 m high and 462 m long. The widest site of the reservoir is about 10 kilometers. Under normal water level, this reservoir covers an area of about 580 square kilometers, 104 times larger than West Lake in Hangzhou water. And the storage capacity of the reservoir is up to 17.8 billion cubic meters, more than 3000 times larger than West Lake.

Boat drifting
Scenic spots along the Xinan River make the sailing more interesting. The most exiting project of Xin'an River boat drifting is "drifting in fog". In winter and summer season, or after a storm, there is a very unique form of advection fog above the river. With the wind and flowing river, the fog move slowly. When you are taking a boat drifting above the river, with the beautiful mountain scenery by the both sides of the river, it makes you feel like immersed in the dream-like paradise.

Xin'an River Landscape Gallery Scenic Area
Xin'an River Landscape Gallery Scenic Area is located in the historical and cultural Shexian Town (originally known as Huizhou). This scenic area is more than 100 miles long. It belongs to a national AAAA level scenic spot. Visitors usually hike along this scenic area, for they can catch the fantastic view of the river.

Fields along the River
Fields along the River take you into a Utopian world, especially in spring when the rape flowers and the local loquat bloom and in autumn when the grass turns yellow. These two seasons are the best time to travel to the river, for you can get the most beautiful scenery. During this time, wondering through the countryside is with no doubt an amazing chance for relaxation and a escape from the hustle and bustle modern city life.

Except for the above mentioned watch points, there are still a lot of things which are waiting for your exploration, such as, Wan’an Ancient Town in Xiuning Town, Qiyun Mountain Scenic Area, Tunxi Old Street, Yansi Ancient Town, Huizhou Ancient Town, and other world famous tourist destinations.