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Kunming Attractions

Grand View Tower (Daguan Lou) (Chinese Name: 大观楼) is the most fitting name for the park and the tower situated at the terminus of Daguan Road in southwest Kunming City. Grand View Tower sits on the shore of Dianchi Lake and faces the Western Hill across the Dianchi Lake. In 1682 a monk named Qianyin built a small temple here...
Stone Forest Geological Park is about 87km from Kunming City and requires 1.5 hours driving. It covers an area of 400 square kilometers and included both large and small forest as well as many other scenic spots. It has been know since the Ming Dynasty as the First Wonder of the World. The magnificent, strange and steep landscape...
The Western Hills, located at the west bank of the Dianchi Lake, is set in mountains well covered by evergreen woods and filled with sweet songs by lovely birds
Yunan is truly diverse in its extraordinary mix of ethnic people, and Kunming is a good base for exploring all the ethnic culture villages
With 2000-year old history, Yuantong Temple is located on south side of Yuantong Hill within Kunming’s downtown and travel reach.
Kunming’s Flower and Bird Market is a good local attraction to spend your time. It is located on Yongdao Street of Kunming’s downtown area
Golden Temple and Taihe Palace form the major attractions in Golden Temple Park in Kunming. You can see Heaven Gate, Bell Tower, and Botanic Garden there
Qiongzhu Temple or Bamboo Temple is a Buddhist temple in Kunming of Yunnan Province, located on Yu’an Mountain in northwest of Kunming
Dongchuan Red Land is located in southeast side of Kunming with 40 km away. Tourists can go to Dongchuan from Kunming via Huagou by bus
Jiuxiang Scenic Area is in Yiliang, 90km from Kunming, where you can see the kast gorges and caves. It can be reached by bus from Kunming North Bus Station
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