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Kashgar Attractions

Apak Hoja Tomb, the tomb of Apak Hoja & the families, is located 5km east of Kashgar. The tomb & the families has a bewitching legend about Fragrant Concubine
The Id Kah Mosque is the largest mosque in China, which was built by Saqsiz Mirza in 1442 and is located west of Id Kah Sq in Kashgar in Xinjiang Province
Karakul Lake literally black lake is located 200km from Kashgar with an altitude of 3600m being the highest lake on Pamir Plateau
Kashgar’s Bazaar is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating bazaars across the world. The magical streets of Kashgar on big bazaar day are a kaleidoscope of colors in perpetual motion.
The 2000-year old Stone City in north of Tashkurgan County is famous for its location on the junction of middle route & south route of ancient Silk Road
Kashgar Old Town used to be at the crossroads of the northern and southern branches of the Silk Road, near the western edge of the Taklamakan Desert.
The Zhiren Street or Handicraft Street is the most characteristic place showing the distinctive custom and culture of Kashgar, with many full-time handicraftsmen working on the street and hundreds of workshops and booths alongside.
Muztagh Ata is like a gray longevity man, standing in the mountains, so it has the laudatory title of “father” of the iceberg.
The Princess Castle is located in Ming Tiegai Region, which is about 70km south of Tashkurghan Tajik Autonomous County, being called Kertz Kurgan by locals
Telamukanli Glacier is situated in the Telamukanli peak (7441 meters above sea level) in Karakoram Mountains.
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