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Jinan Attractions

Baotu Spring is one of the three top tourist attractions in Jinan with Daming Lake & Thousand-Buddhist Caves, also symbol of the city
Daming Lake in Jinan is considered as one of the three must-visit tourist attractions in Jinan City together with Baotu Spring & Thousand-Buddha Cave
Thousand-Buddha Mountain is considered as the No.1 mountain in Jinan also the top 3 tourist attractions with Baotu Spring & Daming Lake
Learn about the basic facts about Taishan Mountain as well as what attractions to visit on the mountain and transport to Mt Taishan
Lingyan Temple is a Buddhist temple located in Changqing District of Jinan City, which was built in Eastern Jin Dynasty with a history of over 1000 years
Shandong Province Museum is the largest museum within the province, which is located at the foothill of the Thousand-Buddha Mountain in Jinan
The Yellow River Delta Wetland is the one of the few estuary wetland ecosystems in the world, located in the northeastern coast of the Bohai Sea in Shandong province.