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Yellow River Delta Wetland is the one of the few estuary wetland ecosystems in the world, located in the northeastern coast of the Bohai Sea in Shandong province. The Yellow River Delta wetland has rich type, various types of landscape, and generally can be divided into two categories of natural wetland and artificial wetland. Natural wetland area is large, about 68.4% of the total area of wetland; artificial wetland accounted for 31.6% of the total area. In natural wetland, freshwater ecosystems (rivers, lakes) accounted for 6.51%, terrestrial ecosystems (wet meadows, thickets, open forest, reed, salinization wetlands) accounted for 48.12%; on the wetlands constitution structure, the Yellow River delta mainly has swag and reservoirs, accounted for 57.69% of the artificial wetland. The upper rivers of Yellow River Delta are crisscrossing, forming obvious mesh structure; all kinds of wetland landscape distribute in a patch shape. On wetland existence form, the Yellow River delta wetlands mainly constitute of perennial water (rivers, lakes, estuarine waters, swags, reservoir and pond, and crayfish pools and beaches), accounting for 63% of the total area, and tidal flats wetlands are in the dominant position; Seasonal water wetland (supratidal zone salinization wetlands, reed marshes, swamps, other woodlands, thickets swamp marshes, wet meadows and rice paddies) accounting for 37% of the total area of the wetland. The wetland rewarded by
Chinese National Geography magazine “beauty China” activity as fourth of the “China’s most beautiful six big wetland”.   Summer, is the Yellow River flourishing water period, the Yellow River estuary in Dongying city of Shandong province presents a magnificent spectacle. If lucky enough to take flight in the air watching to the Yellow River flow into the sea, it is a lifelong memorable imposing scene as comparable to those of any other wonders of the world, which can satisfy all of your imagination about the river and the sea.

Ancient Yellow River with its water feeds living things on yellow land at the same time, also use its sand make another miracle--new silt ground. On this new deposition of the river estuary, distribute the current clear ditch flow of the Yellow River area river road, the Yellow River estuary area deposition formed two big earth warm temperate region which is the most complete, the most wide, the youngest and the most typical area of about 230 square kilometers of new wetland ecosystem. According to incomplete statistics, the number of birds inhabit here all the year round has more than 4 million, and here is almost a “the kingdom” of bird.


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【Better go there by your own】

People can take a taxi or Dongying private shuttle bus which goes to Xianhe town in Dongying city to Nature Reserve. After visiting nature reserve, tourists can take a bus in Dongying port to Lushun.

If self-driving, from the Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan highway and exit in Tianjin Yixingfu exports and then enter Beijing-shanghai High-speed expressway and export in Cangzhou, go through Binzhou, Zhanhua, after more than 500 kilometers away, you'll probably arrived in Dongying in lunch time. And you can visit the swan lake in the afternoon, and then visit Dongying victory square in the evening. And in the next day you can drive to the Yellow River delta nature reserve to appreciate the estuary wetland, and observe spectacular view of the scenery of Yellow River flowing into the sea.

Yellow River Wetland ecological tourist area becomes an area consist of the wetland ecotope, beach wetland tourism area, Samuel lam ecological reception area, reed wetland bird-viewing area, new homeland tourist area as collection of natural and human landscape in the integration of the five functional areas, here, visitors can get a good view of the magic scenery, the magnificence of the yellow river going into the sea, and the sunset in the long river. Every year in November, there is also local bird-viewing festival in river estuary section.

Basic Information

【Accommodation】: There is Gold Island Hotel of two-star hotel near Dongying port, about 4 km away from reserve hinterland and it is inexpensive. From the nature reserve of 10 km Xianhe town, where has modern atmosphere, and offers visitors integration services with eat, live, swim.

【The best season】: From April to November every year.

【Equipment】: Don't bring too much things, if you want to camp better bring with a tent and sleeping bags.