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Yinchuan Attractions

Western Xia Imperial Tombs is located at the foot of Helan Mountain Ranges in Ningxia & consist of 9 imperial mausoleums & 250 tombs of others
Helan Mountains is located between Yinchuan Plain and Inner Mongolia Prairie. A good place for producing wines as well as for tourism
Sand Lake Tourist Area or Sha Hu in Chinese is located 56km in northwest of Yinchuan in Ningxia Province, bordered on the east by the Yellow River
Nanguan Mosque in downtown of Yinchuan City, is one of the largest mosques in Ningxia province& was built in Yuan Dynasty
Gao Miao or called High Temple is located near Zhongwei and was built during Ming Dynasty. It is a temple for Taoism, Buddhism & Confucianism
108 Buddhist Pagodas is located at east of Xiakou Mountain on west shore of Yellow River, one of the major tourist attractions around Yinchuan City
Tengger Desert is the fourth largest desert in China and its attractions include Shapotou Tourism Area, Moon Lake & Swan Lake
The Ming Dynasty’s Great Wall at Sanguankou is the best-preserved section which is situated at the border between Ningxia and Inner Mongolia
Zhenbeipu West Studio is one of the top 3 film cities in China, and also the unique famous one in Western China. Zhenbeipu enjoys a title as “the Hollywood in the East”.
Ningxia Museum is located in east of people square in Yinchuan City covering an area of 30258 square meters. It finished its construction in 1973
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