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Ningxia Museum, shorted for Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Museum, is located in east of people square in Yinchuan City. Finished building in 1973, Ningxia Museum covers an area of 30,258 suqare meters, four floors in 21.2 meter high.

The collection of Ningxia Museum is nearly 40,000, among the collections in third level value are more than 4,000. From first floor to third floor, people can see about 12 exhibition hall and get touch with Ningxia history and local characters deeply.

Struction of Ningxia Museum

The struction of Ningxia Museum is in the minority style. According to the Chinese charater “回” (means Hui minority) shape, the entrance and exit are in Islamic style. The outside is decorated with glass curtain wall. The Islamic style and crystal glass match in a strong modernization design. The pattersn on the wall and doors are all in the dense Ningxia historical taste.

Things to See in Ningxia Museum

►Ningxia Historic Relics Exhibition HallAccording to the human being developing order, this exhibition aims to show the history from primitive scoeity to Qing Dynasty.

► Western Xia Dyansty Exhibition Hall
Mainly exhibit the relics from Western Xia Tombs, collections including handicrafts, buddhism items, architectural tools.

► Ningxia Revolution Collections Exhibition Hall
Collections about China Public Community footprints in Ningxia Province

► Helan Mountain Rock Carving Exhibition Hall
Exhibition hall shows the rock carving developing and also the study of this ancient relics to the public.

► Hui Minority Exhibition Hall
With collections of Hui minority, let the audiences to see the lifestyle and culture of Hui minority in this largest Hui dwelling area of China