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Yichang Attractions

Xiling Gorge extends from Badong County in the west to the Nanjin Pass in Yichang in the east, about 66 km long. It is the longest of the Three Gorges and is entirely within Hubei Province.
Shennong Stream is one of the most important ports of call for Yangtze Three Gorges about 60 km from tributary of Yangtze River
Gezhou Dam is located on the Yangzi River, northwest of Yichang. It is part of the Three Gorges Dam construction project, which is the largest hydroelectric project ever undertaken in China.
The Three Gorges Dam is located 27 miles upstream from Yichang City at Sandouping Town, which is the largest hydroelectric project in the world
Shennongjia Scenic Spot is consist of three parts, of which one is the birthplace of a Chinese patriotic poet Qu Yuan in ancient times of Warring Period
Chinese Sturgeon Museum is situated on an islet in Huangbo River in Yiling District of Yichang City. Chinese sturgeon is a special fish that is born in the Yangtze River but grows in the sea.
Yiling Square is located in the bustling commercial center of Yinchang City, close to the International Trade Building in the east & Jiuzhou Shopping Plaza
Three Visitors Cave or called San You Dong is located on the cliff of Mt Xiling along Yangtze River, 7km from Yichang city center
Qianjiang Gallery Scenic Area is an AAAAA level scenic spot located in Changyang Tujia Autonomous County in Yichang of Hubei Province
Enshi Grand Canyon National Park is located in Enshi Tujia & Miao Autonomous Prefecture in Hubei Province, bordered with Zhangjiajie Park & Three Gorges
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