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Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Area (清江画廊) is located in Changyang Tujia Autonomous County, Yichang. It covers the area from Gejiangyan Dam to Shuibuya Salt Springs, along the line of Qingjiang all tourist attractions and scenic spots. The main attractions in this scenic area include Reflection Volley, Fairy Village and Zhongli Mountain. It is a provincial scenic area and tourist resort in Hubei Province, approved by the State Forestry Administration. On December 19, 2012, it became a national AAAAA level scenic spot.

About Qingjiang

Qingjiang is a pearl of the Yangtze River. The water of this river is crystal clear, so it got its name Qingjiang River. Qing means clear in Chinese. The river originated in Longdong ditch, E Xi Lichuan City. Then it runs through Enshi, Changyang, Padang, pours into the Yangtze River in Yidu City. The whole length of it is 423 km. the length of Qingjiang flowing waters through Changyang is about 148 km. 11 kilometers away from Changyang County, there is Geheyan Dam built in 1994. the dam is 165 long and 150 high. The construction of the dam is used for not only producing electricity, but also preventing flood water.

Main Attractions to See

【Reflection Gorge】The gorge is 5 km long with clear water and stiff cliff. The scenery is picturesque along the both sides of it. The water surface here is flat like a mirror and the mountains abound is reflected on the water. That is why it got its name Reflection Gorge. Rocks on the both sides forms a unique natural stone forest landscape.

【Fairy Village】
Walled fairy is 1 km away from the gate of Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Area. Here has a pleasant climate and picturesque view. Step into the village, visitors can see rows of Tujia DiaoJiao buildings, antique and amazing. There is a cave named Fairy Cave in this village and a strange stone is place in the cave, named Changyang Stone. Walking aroung, visitors can see wild macaques playing o the trees. The people living here are mostly Tujia People.

【Wuluo Zhongli Mountains】
Wuluo Zhongli Mountains includes Wuluo Mount and Zhongli Mount. The mountains are about 300 meter high. It is 30 km away form the west of Longzhouping. It takes about 1 hour from the pier by boat. The hills are not high but they are quite stiff. It is said that this place is the origin of Tuijia ancestors.