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Jingdezhen was subordinated to Fuliang Country in history. The Fuliang Ancient Town, where the resort located, only 8 km away from Jingdezhen, was the political, economical and cultural center of Fuliang County since Tang Dynasty. It is now the only well-preserved ancient five-grade Administrative Office in south China. Here you can see well-equipped administrative office.

Fuliang Ancient Town was built in A.D. 817 (during the Tang Dynasty), and in the same year, Fuliang County Administrative Office put into operation. Today, this well-preserved unique County Office, with Red Buddhism Tower built in Song Dynasty, constitutes the key attraction in this scenic spot. 

Main Highlights in Fuliang Ancient Town

【Ancient Fuliang County Administrative Office】The architecture of Fuliang County Administrative Office well combines both Hui-style and Gan-style characters, focuses on cascade wall, curved grey title and symmetry construction. The main buildings are built symmetrical on an axle which running north southwards, and all face south. Besides, there are also Screen Wall (wall facing the main gate), Splayed Door, Principal Hall, Second Hall and Third Hall lying right on the axle.

【Red Buddhism Tower】
Not far away from the office buildings, is the Red Buddhism Tower. Its formal name in Sanskrit is "Mahatma”, but also named West Tower, which once to be the landmark of Fuliang ancient town. because of the reddish color of the bricks it is built of. Actually, in Jiangxi Province, it is the oldest Buddhism tower kept in well condition. This tower was completed in 1040, its whole body, with a height of 37.8 meters, has 6 faces and 7 layers with doors. Each layer, workers at that time used bricks to form the very eave and narrow platform, but there’s no rail guarded the platform. As the side length of each layer shortened with the increase of the layer number, it just looks like a huge cone.

The inner framework of this town was designed a little bit different, thus it took a very special way for climbing. If one wants to reach the top, he/she should first step the stairs to the second floor, then cross the door to the outside platform, turn a half-circle to reach another door at the same floor, and then get into the tower again to continue the climbing. Repeat this action again and again till reach the top floor. "The West Tower in the Sunset” was one of the Top 10 sightseeing spots in ancient times.

【Cultural Gallery With Tile Paving】
The construction of historical and cultural gallery is 312 meters long and paved by 216 blue and white porcelain plates. The gallery tells the profiles of Fuliang Town and a long history of official culture, porcelain culture and tea culture. It describes the thirteen-hundred years’ important tidbits and the development process of Fuliang as the source of porcelain hometown.


Travel Guide

【Chinese name】:浮梁古城
【Best time to visit】: It is suitable for visiting all year around.
【How to get to Jingdezhen Fuliang Ancient Town in Jingdezhen】: the ancient town is only 8 kilometers from downtown Jingdezhen. You may take Bus Route No.16 inXiuxian Square(休闲广场) and then get off at Dashikou Station (大石口站). But Bus Route No.16 makes only six trips every day. Or you can take a taxi to reach the town directly.