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Shanghai Activities

Paying a home visit at Long Tang Lane(which is a traditional architecture style in Shanghai) is the best way to get to know the daily life of local residents in Shanghai.
The Bund best represents the blending of ancient and modern influences, while Huangpu River is being called the 'mother river' of local people. Huang River Cruise is a must-doing activity while traveling to Shanghai
Want to do something out of usual travel routine in Shanghai tour, TopChinaTravel can offer “Be Shanghainese for One Day to Experience Local Daily Life” activity for tourists
The acrobatic in China can be dated back more than 2000 years. The Shanghai Acrobatics Show is the super representative of this breathtaking and marvelous art showed by human bodies.
Maglev Train is not a Shanghai attraction but trying Maglev train in Shanghai can be a highlight in your Shanghai trip.
What leisure things to do in Shanghai, such a modern city when I visit to Shanghai? As a tourist, how to keep away from the fast-paced life and enjoy the tours in Shanghai?