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Top Leisure Activities in Shanghai

Leisure is a lifestyle. For some tourists, travel might be a kind of mood; travel might to relax themselves; travel might to keep them away from the busy work, routine life or noisy city. But when you visit to
Shanghai, the largest, busiest and modernized city in China, how can you keep the same mood and use a tourist’s eye to enjoy it? What to do in Shanghai to make the pace slow? Just follow us.


Shopping in Nanjing Road

Location: East from the Bund, west to People Square

People would like to call Nanjing Road "The first commercial street of China" which is the good shopping heaven for your trip as the same as the Fifth Avenue in New York and Avenue des Champs-Elysées in Paris. Shopping in this road, you can not only purchase all kinds of Shanghai product, but also the Guangdong fashionable clothing, the Sichuan wine, the Zhejiang silk and so on.

Shopping in Nanjing Road

Nanjing Road is not only a commercial center served for Shanghai nightlife. In the morning, Shops are closed, Nanjing Road become a place for the old to do morning exercise. Some are dancing, some are practicing Tai Chi Chuan, and some are playing badminton. This lively image shows another side of Nanjing Road.

  And during the festival or holiday period, this road will welcome its guests for celebrating. Some parts of the buildings and shopping malls seen in front of the Nanjing Road today may host a fireworks display over the main isle of the street.

Walk in Xintiandi to Experience the Shanghai Nightlife

Xitiandi you will find it is a commercial center as well as an attractive spot. When you walk into Xintiandi, you will get the taste both of Shanghai in the 1920 and the sonic modern lifestyle of urbanites of the 21st century. In here, you can not only appreciate Shanghai architecture, the nightlife of Shanghai citizens also lies in its lanes.

Walk in Xintiandi

People who have been to there always praise it highly. One of them said that it is a very creative development and there are plenty of bars within the two blocks area. It was interesting to see how this area being turned into an upscale westernized commercial blocks but yet retaining the facade of the old Shanghai.


Have a Dim Sum Banquet in Lubolang Restaurant

Restaurant to be recommended: Lubolang Restaurant in
Yuyuan Garden

Shanghai Dim Sum enjoys the same fame with Canton Dim Sum. Shanghai dim sum is focus on the fresh materials with a little sweet taste. The famous Xiao Long Bao (some people call soup dumpling), traditional Shanghai crackers, Tangyuan (sometimes called glutinous rice balls), etc. can be appreciated in Lubolang Restaurant in Yuyuan Garden.

Dim Sum Banquet

Since opened in Sept. 2007, Lubolang Restaurant has received a number of important guests, and the well-known writers of the Shanghai Writers Association gave much appreciation to it after they had tasted the dishes and enjoyed the service of the restaurant. It features Shanghai dishes, dim sum to crab feasts. In addition, set menus, named for Clinton, Queen Elizabeth and Castro are available.


Experience Tea Ceremony in Mid-lake Pavilion

Venue to be suggested: Mid-lake Pavilion in Yuyuan Garden

Perched above a lake in the middle of the Yuyuan Garden, the Mid-lake Pavilion, also known as the Huxinting, was built in 1784 and became a teahouse in the late 19th century.

  This teahouse is the perfect place to take a coffeine break before or after shopping and wandering around the bustling Yuyuang Bazaar area. The bridge leading to the teahouse is zigzag-shaped and serves to protect the complex, as evil spirits are believed to not be able to turn corners.


The long history attracts many political leaders and celebrities from all over the world. Here you can have high-class tea and delicious snacks such as preserved plums and small glutinous rice dumplings. And you can enjoy the excellent music played by traditional Chinese musical instruments.