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China Activities

Join in Panda Volunteer Program in Dujiangyan Base in Chengdu, Sichuan, during your China panda tour with us to see how do pandas live? What do pandas eat? Why are pandas endangered and how are they protected?
“Martial art is developed from Shaolin Kung Fu and Shaolin Kung Fu is the vest under heaven.” Shaolin Kung Fu, famous for its power and energy, enjoys an international fame for a long time.
Playing golf in such a fascinating environment would be an enjoyable thing for those who are enthusiast golfers. Xiamen and its surrounding countryside are known for its scenery and tree-lined beaches.
Except the natural view, is there any cultural activity in Guilin? Sure. It is easy to arrange some cultural activities in Guilin. Guilin is not only pretty, but also cultural.
Peking opera is a traditional style of Chinese theatre performance and is regarded as the quintessence of Chinese culture, enjoying a history of more than 200 years.
Travel to Xi'an, the deepest impression is that no matter where you go, you can see the wall in Xi’an. Biking on the Ancient City Wall is the suitable way to discover the historic City Wall of Xi’an.
Sichuan Opera is characterized by unique solos, refined performance, percussion instrument and talented comedians.
OCT Happy Coast located in East Baishi Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China. This is one of the best shows after Sentosa in Singapore. Show starts at 7:40 pm with singing, little comedy and later the performance all in Mandarin only.
Minnan Magic Cultural Show demonstrates the magnificent soul of Min'nan folk culture with scenic and passionate Min'nan local dances and songs.
Show is an indispensable part in Guilin, such as famous tourism city. Then what shows are there in Guilin?
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