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Located in the west of Hunan Province, Mengdonghe River is only 80km away to the southeast of Zhangjiajie city. River snakes in deep gorges through Yongshun and Guzhang counties for 100 kilometers, and is nestled among mountains and remote canyon towering with limestone cliffs and fast-flowing water through it, providing an excellent waterway for whitewater rafting in skin rafts. So Mengdonghe River Rafting is honored as No.1 Rafting Under Heaven, as It comes to be a golden adventurous river, for the green woods and up to sky cliffs standing by its sides.

The whole floating distance of Mengdonghe River is about 17 kilometers with the most exciting upper stream floating. The rafting starts from Hani Palace, which is about 40 kilometers away from Furong Town (1 hours’ driving) and ends at Niuluhe(about 30 minutes’ driving to Furong Town). The rafting lasts for 2.5 to 3 hours. While enjoy the exciting rafting, you will go downwards along the river with a small boat, going through waves passing “Triangular Rock”, "Thirteen Waves”, "Chicken House Gate”, "Yanwang Beach”, "Luoshui Pond”, "Earth waterfall”, "Mengsi Valley”, etc, totally several dozens of scenic spots. At both sides of Mengdonghe River, there are cliffs standing superbly, falls suspending high in the air, ancient relics full of the place. While rating, one may feel as if they were jumping to the air from the ground, or dropping to a deep valley from the sky, or galloping on horse backs, or riding clouds and mist. With great admiration, one feels shocked first and then delighted. It is really worth trying. The terminal point of the rafting is sited in Niulu River Bridge, which is also an integrated service area. You can take a shuttle bus to get back to starting place. Or you can have some food and then take a bus to visit Furong Town.

Usually, it takes Zhangjiajie as the transport base to travel to Medonghe River. It takes 1.5 to 2 hours travel from Zhangjaijie to Medonghe River area. So you have to spend one whole day to do the rafting with to and from Zhangjiajie.


Travel Tips

【Best time to visit】 from May to September each year is the best time to do the Mengdonghe River Rafting, then the temperature is not too low. The water would be too cold from October to March to do the rafting, especially fro December to February in winter. It usually takes about 3 hours to do the rafting 

【How to get to Mengdonghe River Rafting from Zhangjiajie】
Mengdonghe River is about 80km away from Zhangjiajie downtown. It is suggested to rent a car for one day to transfer you from Zhangjiajie to the starting point of the rafting (about 2 hours’ driving). After enjoying 3 hours’ rafting along the river, be transferred back to Zhangjiajie and the day tour ends.