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Leshan Travel Guide

Leshan Overview

Leshan original called Jiazhou, belonged to Shu Country in the history. It is the national historic and cultural site. Leshan is situated in the southwest of Sichuan Province, about 110km from Chengdu(the Capital city of Sichuan Province and Fourth largest city in China) and 20km from Emeishan at the confluence of the Minjiang, the Qingyi and the Dadu rivers. And Leshan City possesses two world heritage sites (Leshan Giant Buddha and Mr. Emei) in the world.

Leshan is one of the most rapid development cities in civilization field. From the hundreds of unearthed articles, people can trace the cultural development footprints in Leshan City.

Leshan Facts
Leshan Geography
Leshan Climate & Weather
Best Time for Leshan Travel

Area Code: 0833

Zip Code: 511100

Area: It has an area of 20 thousand square kilometers.

Population: Leshan City has 33 national minorities such as Li Nationality, Hui Nationality and Miao Nationality, etc, which have a population of more than 113,000, accounting for 3.2 % of the whole city. Of them the Li Nationality has the largest population, which mainly live in the two Li Autonomous Counties of Mabian and E'bian and Jinkouhe District of the city. Those inhabiting in Leshan City enjoy the same special treatment that their cousins in the autonomous regions have.

Geographically, the lay of the land around the city rises and falls, having good natural surroundings and scenic beauty.

Because of its advantageous location in the southwest of the Sichuan Basin, the climate in Leshan City is fairly good and the two mountains Wuyou Mountain and Lingyun Mountain around Leshan City are luxuriantly green. As well as a mountainous area, aspects of the terrain take the form of a plain and an area of hills. The southwest mountain area of the Sichuan Basin has three dimensions to its climate featuring a mild winter and a relatively cool summer, with rain in both early spring and the fall. This means that the mountain area of Leshan is highly suitable for the propagation of vegetation.

Leshan has a monsoon-influenced humid subtropical climate and is largely mild and humid. Winter is short, mild and dry, with a January average of 7.1 °C (44.8 °F), and while frost may occur, snow is rare. Summers are long, hot and humid, with highs often exceeding 30 °C (86 °F), yet extended heat waves are rare. The daily average in July and August is around 26 °C (79 °F). Rainfall is light in winter and can be heavy in summer, and more than 70% of the annual total occurs from June to September.

Climate Data Table for Leshan


Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
average temperature
7.5 9.3 13.3 18.6 22.4 24.6 25.4 26.5 22.5 18.3 13.8 9
Rainfall (mm) 16.8 23.3 41.1 80.9 98.4 154.5 376.4 298.6 162.9 65.5 34.1 11.7
Days of rainfall 9.8 11.8 13.3 14.7 16.1 16.8 16.4 15.2 17.6 16.2 10.5 9.2

The best time to visit Leshan City is spring and summer. During this time, the weather is comfortable with a mild temperature range between 15C – 20C, neither hot nor cold with sunny and cool days.

Summer is the season of rain. Rainfall in summer constitutes around 80% of the city’s annual rainfall. During this time, the climate is humid and hot. The winter is low season for tourism. At this time; you can enjoy much more discount from hotels and air tickets.

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