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Garze Attractions

From the sentence that “Daocheng is the last virgin ground on the blue Earth“, we can find out the charms of this place. Firstly, Daocheng is extremely beautiful and clean. Second, Daocheng is a site known by others just in a short time. And Yading area is one of the highlights in this district. Daocheng...
Located at the lowest altitude spot around in Asia, Hailuogou Glacier Forest Park is an integrative scenic area consisting of modern oceanic glacier, complete virgin forest, as well as boiling, hot, and cold springs. Situated in Moxi Town at southwest Luding County, Garze, Sichuan Province, at the east hillside of Mt. Gongga-the highest among the mountains in Sichuan, this Hailuogou...
Located at Yala Town at north of Kangding City, Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, it is 20km from the city and covers an area of 500sq km. the Mugecuo Scenic Area consists of 6 parts as Azalea Valley, Horse Racing Lawn, Seven-color Sea, Medicine Pool Hot Spring, Nugecuo and Red Sea Grassland. Mugecuo is the largest alphine...
Kangding in Garze of Sichuan is famous historic & cultural city, where you can see attractions of Anjue Temple, Paoma Moutain, Mosque, Yak Bridge, etc
Mount Gongga or called Minya Konka is located south of Kangding in Sichuan Province with a height of 7556 inches above oversea
Mount Erlang Tunnel is one of the tunnels of Sichuan-Tibet highway. It is located in the Erlang Mountain, in the border of Yaan City and Garze in Sichuan Province.
Moxi Old Town is located in the south of the Luding County in Garze, close to the Mount Gongga. It is the settlement of the Han Nationality, Yi Nationality and Tibetan Nationality.
Danba village is located in the east of Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. It features in the mountain confrontation, ridges and peaks, deep canyon and unique scenery.
Seda Wuming Buddhist Academy or called Larung Gar Buddhist Academy is one of the biggest Buddhist academy in the world & was built by Khenpo Jigme Phuntso in 1980
Rating by Chinese National Geography magazine as one of China's most beautiful six grasslands, Highland Grassland in Western Sichuan located in the middle of Sichuan Garze prefecture
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