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Qufu Attractions

Confucian Temple is the must-see tourist attraction in Qufu, the hometown of Confucius. It was first built in 478BC, one year after Confucius death
Confucian Cemetery is located in Qufu, which was listed as UNESCO world cultural heritage in 1994 with Confucian Temple & Confucian Family Mansion
Confucius Family Mansion also named Shengfu or Duke Yansheng Mansion is located near Confucian Temple in Qufu of Shandong Province
Mencius Temple or Meng Miao is located in Zoucheng County in south of Qufu in Shandong, which is in honor of Mengzi, a great educator in Warring State Period
Confucian Six Arts is an educational theme park showing the life and works of Confucius. It is located at Chunqiu Road in Nanxin District of Qufu