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Chengde Attractions

Mulan Paddock is located in Weichang Manchu and Mongolian Autonomous County of Chengde City, Hebei Province, China. Mulan Paddock is regarded as Beijing’s backyard garden. It used to be a royal hunting place and a summer retreat in the Qing Dynasty(1644-1912). As a popular destination, Mulan Hunting Paddock is a rare natural grassland resort covering an area...
Chengde Mountain Resort used to be the resort of emperors of Qing Dynasty. Situated in the city of Chengde in northeastern Hebei Province, about 200 kilometers from Beijing, the resort is easily accessible by either train or long-distance bus. Its constructions started in 1703and took 89 years to complete. It is regarded as one of China’s four famous...
Wooden club Mountain is located in Pan Chui Peak National Forest Park; it looks like a wooden club, hence the name.
Puning Temple, located among the mountains to the north of the Mountain Resort of Chengde City, is one of the famous Eight Outer Temples in Chengde China. Puning Temple was constructed in 1755 of the Qianlong reign.
Eight Outer Temples is located to the north and east of Chengde Summer Resort in Chengde, Hebei Province. The Thousand-hand Goddess of Mercy in Puning Temple is the largest gilded wooden statues in the world.
Bashang Grassland or called Tanshang Grassland in Chengdu of Hebei is the nearest grassland to Beijing with a distance of 280 kilometers