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Bashang Grassland, also know as Tanshang Grassland or Jingbei Diyi Grassland (First Grassland in North China), is the nearest grassland to Beijing, only 280 kilometers north of Beijing. With an average altitude of 1700 meters above sea level it belongs to a section of the Inner Mongolia grassland. With unique natural landscapes and great climate condition, it is a popular destination for tourists and photographers to explore the fun of nature. It has long been one of the ideal sites to escape the hustle and bustle in city life.

Bashang Grassland is located in Fengning County, Chengde City, Hebei Province. With its fresh air and cool and pleasant climate, it attracts many foreign and domestic guests for the summer vacation. It covers an area of 350 square meters.

Fengning County has fine and vast territory. It is divided into two parts: and Baxia Area. Bashang Area has undulating mountains and hills, waterfalls, deep canyons and much other pleasant scenery. Baxia Area is a natural kingdom for vast woodlands, flowers, gathering and hunting. It is an ideal summer resort vacation.

What to Do in Bashang Grassland 

Horse riding, watching local wrestling competition, camping. Or staying in farmer’s Mongolian yurts to eat roast whole sheep and other plain foods are the main attractions for visitors.

There are a lot of natural resources in Bashang Grasslamd, including many ornamental flowers, for example, there is lily flowers in May, vast wild vegetables in June, Mikie plum in July, and nasturtium flowers in August. There are also hundreds of geese travel to the South in October and have a short break in this place. Many people from Beijing travel here for relaxation and horse back riding as well as to experience nature which can't be found in parks around Beijing.

There were horses everywhere and the gentle breeze of the grasslands cool visitors off from the heat of summer. The village where visitors stay will show you the unspoiled way of life for the villagers even though there are plenty of tourists. 

Scenic spot in Bashang Grassland

• Mulan PaddockMulan Paddock is located in Weichang Manchu and Mongolian Autonomous County of Chengde City, Hebei Province, China. Mulan Paddock is regarded as Beijing's backyard garden. It used to be a royal hunting place and a summer retreat in the Qing Dynasty(1644-1912). As a popular destination, Mulan Hunting Paddock is a rare natural grassland resort covering an area of 2,324 square kilometers. The tranquil surroundings and attractive landscape, as well as strolling flocks of birds, endow it as a popular tourist destination, and also a paradise for photographers.

Mulan Paddock (Mulan Weichang) is one of the few natural grassland resorts in Hebei Province, and so is a popular destination for those after a bit of fresh air and countryside. For those Beijingers who do not have the time to set off for the more ruggedly realistic grasslands of Inner Mongolia, or even the Republic of Mongolia, this is a nice diversion. In summer, the resort is ideal for outdoor activities, including sleeping in Mongolian Yurts, Riding on Horseback, Walking and Climbing. Botanists can also, quite literally, have a field day here. In the cold northern winters, the area is open for hunting and skiing.

How to Get There

The transportation getting there is convenient. You might take a coach from Sihui Bus Station, Xixhimen Bus Station or Muxiyuan Coach Station to Fengning County and then connect a bus to Datan Town, where the Bashang Grassland is located. The whole bus trip takes about 6 or 7 hours. You can also rent a car to the grassland from travel agency, which would be convenient and flexible. From Chengde to Bashang Grassland, you’d better rent a car, or you will waste a lot of time on the way


Usually from May to October are the best to travel to the Bashang Grassland, because the weather is sunny, grass here is also relatively lush sheets, very nice and beautiful.

The under ground water here is of bad quality, so bring enough drinking water for you stay. 

Take a flashlight for walking on the grassland in the evening to faze at the brilliant stars overhead, which will help you find the way to go back to your camp.