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Wooden club Mountain is located in Pan Chui Peak National Forest Park; it looks like a wooden club, hence the name. It is tapering the mountains’ high diameter is 15.04 meters, the lower diameter of 10.7 meters, and 38.29 meters high. Together with the protruding beneath of the mountain’ base, it is 60 meters high. On the halfway of the mountain, there is a mulberry tree called Monsanto. There is a temple at 300 meters height at the north part of the peak; it has so many moyashike there. If you want to get to the top of it, you can take the ropeway, or climb yourself though Pule Temple. The scenery is amazing at the top of the mountain. Make sure bring your camera with you.
It is said that people who touched wooden club mountain can live at the age of 130. Despite knowing that this is just a blessing filled with a banter mean, but the most visitors will touch it in order to live longer. People also have so many beautiful legends here. Therefore, if you have chance to go to Chengde, be sure to touch the wooden club mountain. You won’t regret.

Legend about Wooden-club Mountain

According to legend, long time ago, Chengde was still a vast ocean. People made a living by fishing. There was a hard-working, kind and brave young man, his parents died early and he lived in a lonely fishermen life. One day he went out fishing, he caught a red golden carp. People said that if he sold the fish, he would make a great amount of money, which would let him able to marry a girl. But this young man had a good look at the fish and thought it looked very nice. It would be unfortunate if he sold it out and he could not bear to kill it. So he put it back into the sea.

One day, this young man went out fishing, but caught in a tempest. After a day of fighting, he caught no fish. Tired and exhausted, he finally got home. He thought in mind that it would be great if some one cooked nice dinner for me. With such thought, he opened the door, and smelled the flavor of food. He opened the pot for a look, and there is a pot of warm and delicious meal. Being tired and hungry, he ate his fill without any hesitation and thought. Every day from then on, there was meal in his home. Finally, he felt strange and decided to see what happened. That day, he was home early and wanted to find out what happened. He stood at the window and saw that a girl was busy cooking in the house. Young man quietly pushed open the door and sneaked into the house, the girl has dodged but could not get out. Then she told him the truth that she was the fish which he put back into the sea a couple days ago. She was daughter of the Dragon King (the God of Rain in Chinese mythology).Then they fell in love with each other and got married, living a loving life.

A year later, the Dragon King knew his daughter married an ordinary person. He could not accept that. So his army was assigned to arrest the young man. The daughter of the Dragon King decided to escape with the young man. On the way of escaping, she reminded the Eye of Sea, which was the source of the sea water. With the Eye of Sea, the sea would be drought. There was an Iron Rod that can plug up the Eye of Sea. So she decided to steal the Iron Rod to make the sea drought. She successes to plug up the the Eye of Sea and Iron Rod Wooden club Mountain. And she and the young man lived happily at the foot of the mountains.