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Zhangjiajie Witnessing an Enormous Increase in European Guests

It is said that up to 5000 European guests have come to visit Wulingyuan from January to May, doubled than the same period in last year. The statistics shows that as a tourist resort, Zhangjiajie has steadily opened up European market step by step, being an important strength to attract overseas guests.

For many years in the past, it was kind of difficult for Zhangjiajie to reach out for European Countries. However, after Zhangjiajie taking many measures, this situation changed. In 2010, the American blockbuster, Avatar took a view of suspension of mountain in Wulingyuan. Zhangjiajie took this opportunity to carry out a series of marketing campaign, successfully turning the downturn of European market at that time. Many European media, such as American National Broadcasting Company and Italy Broadcasting Company covered this events, attracting a great many European guests and traveling salesmen.

In recent years, Zhangjiajie hosted several international activities one after another, which did good to attract worldwide attention and enhance the publicity of Zhangjiajie to European counties. Those activities are Baofeng Lake Hypoxic Contest, Tianmen Mountain wing outfit flight, Iron man climbing the dragon ladder and International County Music Festival for two consecutive terms.

The head of the tourism sector in Wulingyuan introduced that among all the European guests, American ranked the first place, followed by Canada. In addition, he predicted that about 20 thousand European guests would come to visit Zhangjiajie in 2013. It is planed that they will strengthen promotion in Canada. Besides, they will develop more charming tourist products as well as importing and training international tourist service, ensuring the quality of tourist service up to a new level.

By Emma