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China’s Largest Botanical Garden Launched in Zhangjiajie

On May 29th, China’s largest botanical garden –Zhangjiajie botanical garden is established in Souxiyu town of Wulingyuan scenic spot.

Zhangjiajie botanical garden, belonging to private enterprise, is a project combined with scientific research, rare plant protection and ecologic tourism and is developed by Zhangjiajie Yingcai agriculture and forestry development CO.LTD. The project is covers an area of 2,465 hectares with a total investment of 1.149 billion. The project areas consist of five functional zones and four specialized gardens, which make it the largest botanic garden in China.

According to the project leader, the project will be favorable to rescue Zhangjiajie’s rare and endangered species and increase new tourism item and scenic spot, which are good for developing sustainable and sound tourism in Zhangjiajie, increasing over 1,000 new jobs and createing more opportunities for economic development and income increase of farmers.

Translated by Crystal