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Xiangxi Wulong Mountains, Longsshan County, Hunan

The Wulong Mountains are a steep range in northwestern Hunan province that contains various topographies - stone forests, karst caves and waterfalls.

More than 700 tree species, including about 20 rare varieties, cover the mountains. Some of Wulong's redwoods are more than 1,000 years old.

Wulong was the lair of about 100,000 bandits before New China's founding in 1949. It was a battlefield and stage of many tragedies. Hikers have discovered human skulls and bullet casings in Baixiao Cave.

TV series set in that period are also shot on the mountains, where the stories actually happened.

Today, the mountains are serene, and 16 ethnic groups peacefully coexist on their slopes.

They've created a melting pot of cuisines that are celebrated for peppery chicken and duck hotpots, double-cooked pork and crock-baked mushrooms.

Most street snacks are made of rice, and the Tujia and Miao ethnic groups are particularly fond of rice tofu.


The Wulong Mountains scenic site is open from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm daily.

There are many buses operating between Jishou city and the mountains. Travelers can take Train No K267 from Beijing to Jishou, No 1607 from Shanghai to Jishou or No K503 from Guangzhou to Jishou.

Wulong is 28 km from Phoenix Old Town.

It's much cheaper to stay in hotels in the neighboring county than in the mountain area.

It's not easy to find a campsite near the mountains.

A cloud of mist over heavily forested Wulong Mountains.

Wulong Mountains, Hunan 

Source: china.org.cn