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Zhangjiajie Welcomed the Official Founding of National Art Academy

Lately,the opening ceremony of Zhangjiajie National Art Academy was held in Zhangjiajie College of Jishou University.In the corresponding period,the first art exhibition was held.

It is reported that after the founding of Zhangjiajie National Art Academy,it will plan and undertake various exhibitions focusing on painting and calligraphy, actively launch all kinds of art activities and strengthen its cooperation and communication with the art circles throughout China. At the same time,based on Zhangjiajie,the National Art Academy will follow the examples of international tourist cities’art academies and target at inherit the art of painting and calligraphy. All the time,it will take the responsibility of promoting the art of painting and calligraphy in Zhangjiajie and advancing the tourist industry and cultural connotation.Thus making Zhangjiajie much more attractive and contributing to the cultural development of this international tourist city Zhangjiajie.Meanwhile,the first art exhibition attracted numerous residents and students. Works involved in this exhibition are created by artists from Zhangjiajie National Art Academy, Central Academy of Fine Arts,Chinese Academy of Fine Arts,Academy of Fine Arts of Capital Normal University and Guangxi Arts College.In total.about 92 works were put on display this time.

Translated by Becky