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Battle Drum Dance of Bai Nationality in Zhangjiajie

It is universally known that many minorities harmoniously live in Zhangjiajie.Each of them has their own traditions and unique features. There is a story about Battle Drum Dance in Bai culture.

Long long ago,Bai Nationality in Sangzhi,Zhangjiajie were in disadvantaged position,thus Bai people made efforts to improve and strengthen their position by learning martial arts.Gradually,this kind of martial arts was evolved into dance. Women and men usually danced together and past this tradition on from generation to generation .When dancing, the dancer holds a long stick with a length of about 2 meters.Both tips of the stick are as big as a bowl,but its middle part is very suitable for clench. Being bold and unconstrained,Bai people prefer to dancing whenever and wherever if pleased.And the dance movements are of variety.There are mimics of monkeys climbing,rabbits glaring at the moon,warriors waving sword and so on.During the plough period,Bai people can dance Battle Drum dance with any farm tools in hand.

People in Bai nationality,not only men,also women join Battle Drum dances to celebrate festival ceremonies. In Bai culture,Battle Drum dance embodies vitality and purity.What is more,Battle Drum dance in Bai nationality has became Hunan’s intangible cultural heritage and earns more national reputation and attention.

By Aileen