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Zhangjiajie Will Implement Tickets Online Booking System

“Since this July 1, tourists are requested to book tickets in advance for Zhangjiajie core scenic zones.”This piece of pleasing news was issued by Zhangjiajie Government in Changsha on May 16. Zhangjiajie will be the first scenic region in Hunan province to carry out this new tickets system.

Vice mayor Cheng Danfeng who is in charge of Zhnagjiajie’s tourism said the website will open to the public soon and since July 1 tickets booking system will in full operation.Only if you booked online, you can take a valid certificate to handle the visiting procedures in wickets.

Once this tickets booking system successfully implemented in Wulingyuan scenic zones, it will spread to Tianmen Mount, Yellow Dragon Cave,Baofeng Lake and the Great Canyons.Cheng Danfeng added that this measure has three advantages.

Firstly, it meets tourists’ demand of a safe and satisfying trip in Zhangjiajie.

Secondly, it can protect and keep sustainable development of environment.

Thirdly, it promotes management ability of tourism managers.

By Aileen