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Zhangjiajie Tourist Food Quality Increasing by 6.4% than the Same Period in Last Year

To advance tourist food quality in Zhangjiajie, Zhangjiajie Bureau of Quality Supervision strengthened supervision measures and built a long and effective system, achieving obvious results. Recently, a city-level random checking revealed that Zhangjiajie tourist food quality went up by 6.4%.

Up to now, Zhangjiajie owns 70 tourist food manufacturing enterprises. Since the city is a world famous tourist resort, its tourist food safety plays an indispensable role in the whole tourist trade. Therefore, Zhangjiajie Bureau of Quality Supervision transformed the work of improving the quality of tourist product to the increase of tourist food quality, addressing both the symptoms and root causes. Through establishing mechanism, intensify supervising and risk troubleshooting, it is able to clear up the responsibility of the food manufacturing enterprises and rule out the potential safety hazard. With all those measures above, Zhangjiajie food quality shows an evident advance.

By Emma