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Zhangjiajie First Summer Children Chess Contest Held in Xibu Street

On June 1, the final competition of Zhangjiajie’s First Summer Children Chess Contest is held in Wulingyuan Xibu Street, a national AAA scenic spot. About 200 chess players from Zhangjiajie spend a happy International Children’s Day in Xibu Street and the “black and white battle ” between them becomes a bright cultural landscape.

According to the report, chess section(class) and place contest is the level certification contest for chess players. This summer children chess contest, organized by Zhangjiajie sports general assembly and held by Wulingyuan sports general assembly, is aimed to enrich all children’s culture and life, enhance the chess players’ skills and boost the development of Zhangjiajie’s chess cause.

The person in charge of Wulingyuan sports general assembly says “according to the rules and regulations of China’s Chess Contest rules, the event conducts the “dividing groups and accounting grades” principle. Besides, it consists of seven rounds with 40 minutes per round and two points for winning and zero for failure. The person who wins the highest points will become the winner and be honored the grade certificate by the competent department”

Translated by Crystal