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Zhangjiajie Celebration of“6.6”Fiesta Activity Was Held in Tujia Folk Custom Garden

Zhangjiajie“June 6” (“6.6”) which is of over 600-year history is a festival in memory of Tan Hou who is the God in Tujia people’s heart. June 13 is equal to June 6 as lunar calendar. This year’s “6.6” is the 641st of Tujia people’s.

Zhangjiajie Tujia Folk Custom Garden, with a good wish of inheriting and carrying forward folk custom and culture of Tujia nationality, held a lot of activities like sacrificial ceremony, sacrificial rites performance, dragon dancing, water pouring, tasting special local food and so on. At that very day, thousands of citizens and tourists attended this cultural feast of Tujia characteristics.

By Patricia